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India - Kolam chalk art - welcome by mckaysavage, on Flickr
New year--new blog project! (Okay I'm a little late getting started). This is a blog just-for-fun that will feature one word every day and a little something about that word.
The word featured will be chosen by me during my frequent ramblings through online dictionaries. My current favorite is the Collins English Dictionary, which is free online and allows a browse option.
Collins tells me this about my title word, "Welcome" -- it's a noun (a warm welcome), a verb (I welcome you warmly) and an exclamation letting you know I'm glad you are here (Welcome!).
My own brain associations makes me wonder if "welcome" is a mashed-together version of "Well come," a sort of archaic greeting along the lines of "Well met".
I can't find anything in Collins to confirm or deny this, but I can share that this word originates in Old English as wilcuma from willa (pleasure) and cuma (guest). So someone who is welcome is a pleasure-guest! Good example of a word that has pretty much kept its original meaning down through the centuries.
So that's today's Word of the Day. What can you expect going forward?
Basically, a short daily entry featuring a word of my choosing. Factors I use to pick my word of the day:
  • It's a brand new word to me.
  • It's a brand new word to the language.
  • It's a good word to use in Scrabble or Words With Friends (my addiction to word games is one reason I'm often poking around in dictionaries).
  • It amuses me.
  • It's a word I have Deep Thoughts about.
  • It's a word chosen at complete random.
  • It's a word someone has requested that I write about.
The other reason for this blog is to keep up (okay, begin on) my resolution to write every day. If I don't do anything else, I will do this simple little blog and keep it up at least through December 31, 2016.

I welcome comments, feedback, word suggestions, and your random thoughts on words!

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